Clinical fellowship application writing award – closing soon

Do you need funded time out of your clinical role to revise your fellowship application? Health Education England for West Midlands is offering clinical fellowship application writing award in 2021/22. These are specifically designed for aspiring clinical academics who have either, i) submitted a competitive NIHR ICA Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship or similar doctoral fellowship … Continue reading “Clinical fellowship application writing award – closing soon”

Birmingham research shapes new miscarriage guidelines

Research led by BHP founder-member the University of Birmingham has helped to shape guidelines which could mean thousands of women with prior miscarriage, and bleeding in early pregnancy, could be eligible for treatment with progesterone each year. The updated guidance, announced today by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), follows a review of evidence … Continue reading “Birmingham research shapes new miscarriage guidelines”

Science is thriving in UK regions: Government must back them

The government, academia, and industry leaders must work together to support and develop regional life science ecosystems to meet the double ambitions of making the UK a global science superpower and levelling up the country to provide opportunity for all. A new report published today by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Birmingham … Continue reading “Science is thriving in UK regions: Government must back them”

Birmingham HQ for biomedical innovation company

Adapttech is a biomedical innovation company that brings new smart technologies to the O&P market with the goal of empowering clinicians with better socket fitting and monitoring methods to improve the quality of life for people with lower limb loss. Adapttech chose to locate its headquarters in Birmingham to capitalise on the West Midlands’ state-of-the-art … Continue reading “Birmingham HQ for biomedical innovation company”

A climate for microbes: how the dynamics of infectious diseases will change on a warming planet

Microbes are shaping the planet’s atmosphere. The number of bacteria on our planet is estimated to be a mind-boggling 5 x 1030 (a 5 with 30 zeroes) with viruses further outnumbering bacteria ten-fold. This incredible diversity of bacteria and viruses is the result of four billion years of evolution. During this time, microbes have shaped Earth … Continue reading “A climate for microbes: how the dynamics of infectious diseases will change on a warming planet”