About us

Intro to Birmingham Health Partners

Birmingham Health Partners (BHP) is a cluster of contrasting, yet complementary organisations, sharing the common goal of achieving health and economic impact through the purposeful use of knowledge and expertise.

It is a strategic alliance between seven clinical and academic organisations who collaborate to bring healthcare innovations through to clinical application:

      • University of Birmingham
      • Aston University
      • Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
      • The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
      • Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
      • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
      • West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

Its unique ecosystem enables the full spectrum of translational medicine: encompassing health data; an established local health system; academic excellence; and an extensive clinical trials capability.

Pioneering and life-changing work takes place across a number of leading facilities, including the Institute of Translational Medicine. We are supporting the development of Birmingham Health Innovation Campus, which will enable productive interactions between clinicians, academics, industry and patients to accelerate the field of personalised, precision medicine.

By enabling integrated, multidisciplinary working, BHP helps bring about answers to complex healthcare issues for the direct benefit of people worldwide.

Our purpose is to bring healthcare innovations rapidly to clinical application, by harnessing the collaborative research strengths of the University, NHS and industry.
Our work is informed by a dynamic strategy that enables our organisations and our people to adapt and respond swiftly to changing circumstances.
Birmingham Health Partners campus aerial image
BHP is a cluster of co-located complementary organisations, sharing the common goal of achieving health and economic impact

Our value principles

All parties strive for the best outcomes for the people and patients of the Birmingham and West Midlands region.

Our partners are long-established, with a strong heritage of evidence-based research, development and collaboration.

We gave a shared goal of enhancing the health and wealth of Birmingham and the West Midlands – translating evidence-based innovation into practice which leads to improved patient outcomes.

Our work resonates with the local and clinical/academic community, as we always seek to address the most pressing health burdens where we can have the greatest impact and deliver equality of opportunity.

Our partners are renowned for expertise in research, clinical trials, informatics and care. Advances developed in Birmingham have a positive impact worldwide.

We are part of a well-established, collaborative ecosystem where we train life sciences professionals; identify opportunities for research; validate innovations; and bring them through to application – all on one campus.

We are greater than the sum of our parts: our inclusive, multidisciplinary teams combine their expertise at all stages of research, development and implementation

We are advancing patient care by combining the latest technology with a wide variety of scientific disciplines, to pioneer world-leading solutions to global health issues

Through our partnership, research becomes reality. New treatments are brought from the lab directly through to clinical adoption, reaching patients faster

Our management structure

Our board drives our dynamic research strategy and commits to supporting and enabling collaboration between members and other parties, delivering positive outcomes for ourselves and our stakeholders.

Our Exec: ensures the translation of BHP strategy into and effective operational plan; develops policies and KPIs in support of BHP’s research; and champions BHP and its work to raise its profile.

External Advisory Board
Made up of internationally-recognised leaders in life sciences research and innovation, our External Advisory Board: advises on strategic direction; identifies external opportunities for research, collaboration and funding; and provides insight on regional and national areas of priority relevant to BHP.

Greater than the sum of our parts, we exist to benefit our communities, change lives and shape the future of healthcare.