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Our team

Our core team

The role of our core team

Our core team is responsible for coordinating the operational and managerial activity of Birmingham Health Partners.

Our board

The role of our board

Our board is responsible for:

  • Contributing equally to a sustainable partnership for the benefit of all
  • Identifying actions that we can do better and more quickly through BHP
  • Improving pathways for clinical and social care locally, nationally, and globally in an
    equitable way
  • Developing a skilled workforce reflecting diversity of our region
  • Improving health equity locally, nationally, and globally through our roles as anchor and civic

Each partner organisation is represented on the Birmingham Health Partners board by at least two individuals – usually the CEO and Chair.

Our external advisory board

The role of our external advisory board

The external advisory board meets twice a year to:

  • Provide constructive challenge and support on all aspects of the partnership to ensure effectiveness
    and impact
  • Advise on strategic direction
  • Act in an ambassadorial capacity, raising the profile and activity of BHP at relevant external fora,
    both regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Share insight on regional and national areas of priority and debate relevant to BHP