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“Born well, live well, die well” – BHP publishes report of activity 2020-2022

Following the expansion of its membership with three new partners, BHP has published its first report of activity covering September 2020 to August 2022.

Download the Birmingham Health Partners Report of Activity 2020 to 2022 pdf (4MB)

In publishing this report for our member institutions, stakeholders and influencers in the West Midlands and further afield, BHP highlights its progress in aligning the strategic objectives of its NHS and university partners to address major health challenges faced by the Midlands region and beyond.

Ed Smith, BHP’s chair, commented: “Our starting point has been to create a values-based partnership with key organisations in the city-region that allows us to deploy our research, innovation and healthcare capabilities to deal with major health issues. The problems encountered by the large socially- and ethnically-diverse population of the Birmingham region are similar to those faced nationally and globally, with health inequalities – driven by social determinants – leading to multimorbidity and chronic physical and mental ill-health.

“To address such deep-seated problems, it is increasingly recognised that we need health science clusters, based in large regional populations, that harness research and innovation to patient care. By integrating shared capabilities unselfishly and collaboratively, BHP is forming a powerful regional cluster to address health inequalities while also driving economic development – thereby contributing to both UK and global knowledge-based outcomes.”

Professor David Adams, Director BHP, added: “We hope that readers of this report will understand both the role played by BHP and the opportunities the partnership provides to support health innovation in our region. We aim to enhance the endeavours of individuals, teams and organisations by focussing on collaborating across institutional boundaries.

“As this report sets out, we have made substantial contributions over the last year including on training, funding, and health data and digital delivery. We are also proud of our convening role which brings together wide-ranging multidisciplinary expertise to deliver research that matters for our population and which promotes a wider innovation landscape.”

    Download the Birmingham Health Partners Report of Activity 2020 to 2022 pdf (4MB)