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BHP members collaborate to explore tech, big data and AI in healthcare

Two members of Birmingham Health Partners – Aston University and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (BWC) – are collaborating to explore how digital technology, big data and artificial intelligence can revolutionise healthcare.

To kick off the partnership, Aston University’s Engineering for Health Research Centre is co-hosting the BWC Innovation Summit, which brings together tech firms, healthcare professionals and academics to explore how new technology can benefit paediatric and women’s healthcare as well as the young people’s mental health sector.

Representatives from Hitachi, KPMG and the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN) will be at the event on October 11th held at Conference Aston.

Amanda Baugh, Head of Innovation at BWC said: “The event is an opportunity to bring together professionals from different disciplines to foster collaboration and springboard ideas on the future of healthcare.

“We want to get a wide range of experts in one place to explore and define challenges and set out plans about how we can adapt and adopt existing technology, products and devices, along with how we might develop products and solutions not currently available to meet these challenges.”

Dr Antonio Fratini is head of Aston University’s Engineering for Health Research Centre. He said: “The University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is delighted to be co-hosting this event which highlights Aston University’s mission to be a leading university of science, technology and enterprise.

“Through harnessing the power of medical and digital technology, analysis of big data and artificial intelligence we will be able to change healthcare – for example by providing care closer to home, improving access and therefore reducing inequalities.”