Get involved

Patients, service users and the wider public have a critical role to play in research, not just within its delivery but also in its design and dissemination.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) refers to an active partnership between patients and/or members of the public and researchers. Involvement is distinct from participation in research: patients and the public are actively involved in contributing to the research process as advisers and where possible as co-researchers.

This approach to proactive engagement, involvement and partnership sits at the heart of our BHP strategy.  We want to enhance our performance and status as an engaged group of partner organisations, to increase the power and value of our research.  We want there to be truly two-way influence on the future direction of research and its translation into benefit for patients across all BHP partners.

We aim to improve the care and outcomes of patients on a local, regional and national level by working together to:

  • Identify future research priorities and research questions
  • Inform the design and development of innovations
  • Increase participation in research studies
  • Advocate for the adoption and implementation of research in the NHS

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, please email us at