Our Aims and Services

Our aims

  • Increase research quality and activity
  • Simplify the research processes in the NHS and the University
  • Maximise research income and patient recruitment to clinical studies
  • Support the submission of high quality grant applications through enhanced University/NHS collaboration
  • Increase the emphasis on applied translational health research
  • Increase engagement between NHS clinical staff and university academics, to broaden the research base in the conduct of high quality research
  • Collaborate with the Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN) to improve patient and the public recruitment to clinical studies
  • Support clinical academic training
  • Improve joint research governance processes and oversight of collaborative research

Our services

  • Provision of information on educational opportunities and events
  • Provision of regular information on funding sources and calls
  • Support to facilitate engagement between clinicians and basic researchers
  • Assistance with application development
  • Linkage to academic support and methodological expertise
  • Co-ordination of NHS/University costings
  • Co-ordination of advice and support for contracts, governance, sponsorship and ethics
  • Ensure compliance with any additional NHS/University processes
  • Ensure compliance with funding bodies requirements
  • Organisation of grant clinics and preparation for selection panel presentations
  • Provision of information and support for clinical academic training