NIHR/Wellcome Trust Birmingham Clinical Research Facility (CRF)


The Birmingham NIHR/Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is a truly integrated BHP centre. Its adults facilities are based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, while paediatric services are delivered at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Our philosophy is that every patient should have the opportunity to participate in clinical research studies. 

Both CRF sites are purpose-built, dedicated units where patients take part in research programmes safely according to robust, ethically approved trial protocols.

Types of research

The Birmingham CRF is multi-specialty and receives funding from the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) specifically for experimental medicine research. Later phase studies with an experimental element or complex visits which cannot be accommodated elsewhere in either trust will also be considered. The CRF staff work closely with R&D colleagues across BHP ensure research projects are carried out in the most appropriate setting. Please note that the CRF space is dedicated research space, so NHS service work is not to be undertaken in the facility.

Applying to use the CRF

All research projects running through the CRF must be approved by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) who review the study for scientific merit. The SAC is a joint meeting between the adult and paediatric CRF and takes place every 4 weeks, and applications are referred for peer review if it is deemed necessary. SAC approval is required to make use of CRF facilities, staff, equipment or laboratories.

Application forms, meeting dates, deadlines and a list of the relevant supporting documentation that is required is available via the website link button below. We advise investigators to contact the centres and discuss the feasibility of a study prior to applying.