MRC Centre for Immune Regulation

Research activity within the Birmingham MRC Centre for Immune Regulation underpins clinical research and translational development in immunology, rheumatology, hepatology , nephrology and cancer.

Established in 1999, the Centre reflects the international profile of both basic and clinical immunology in Birmingham, and provides a coherent focus for immunology research supported by state of the art technologies.

linical academics work closely with local Trusts and other agencies including BHP founder member University Hospitals Birmingham, along with Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust and the National Blood Transfusion Service.

The Centre also has close links with the Clinical Immunology Service in the School of Immunity and Infection which provides specialist support for clinical academics and expertise and opportunities for the development of new diagnostic assays and biomarker platforms.

Understanding regulation of the immune system is key to the control of autoimmune disease and infection