Midlands & Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC)

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The Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC) is part of the wider ATTC Network Programme – a world-first system established to address the unique and complex challenges of bringing pioneering advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) to patients.

Our Midlands centre brings together a wide range of specialists in advanced therapy manufacturing including academic and commercial partners, logistics companies, specialists in clinical trial delivery and teams focussed on IT solutions and health economics.

The anticipated ATTC outputs will ultimately give patients with challenging illnesses access to breakthrough medicines and reinforced the UK's position as a world leader in this important field.

The aims of the MW-ATTC are to:

  • Overcome the current challenges to trial recruitment to cell therapy trials by developing an empowered trials network. Building on the success of the national Haemato-oncology Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP), we will establish a trials hub and build new capacity and skills across our hospital network. This will enable us to rapidly deliver cell therapy trials
  • Establish best practice for the safe and effective delivery of ATMPs to patients by creating standardised SOPs and delivering training to staff across the hospitals network
  • Define best practice for ATMP near-patient preparation and therapy delivery by training hospital pharmacists, clinicians and technical personnel
  • Set up robust connected supply chains for manufacture and delivery of ATMPs, including comprehensive data collection and analysis, leveraging the proven capabilities of our commercial partners
  • Develop and deliver comprehensive data systems that track and trace all samples and ATMPs, both along the manufacturing supply chain and within hospitals
  • Ensure best practice for patient follow-up and subsequent data capture. This will be critical for health-economic analysis, for verification of efficacy, and subsequently steer future prescription and clinical decisions