Health Services Management Centre (HSMC)

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A critical friend of the healthcare community: The Health Services Management Centre (HSMC) at BHP founder member the University of Birmingham is one of the UK’s foremost centres for research, evaluation, teaching and professional development for health and social care organisations.

It has established a unique reputation as a critical friend of the healthcare management community, striving always to bridge the gap between research and practice. 

At a time of intense scrutiny and rapid change in our public services, the HSMC is playing a pivotal role in developing leadership throughout the NHS, as part of one of the largest ever investments in its management training. 

Its six key workstreams are:

Watch – Director of the HSMC, Professor Judith Smith, talk about integrated care research as part of the NHS70 celebrations:

“I think an area in which we’ve gained real expertise and a significant reputation is the way in which, at the Health Services Management Centre, we bring together colleagues from the worlds of both health and social care. So, we’re not just looking at what happens in the NHS in this country but also what happens in social care – whether that’s for children’s services, adult social care, mental health and learning disability.

And indeed, we’ve carried out extensive research in the area of what’s often called integrated care or collaboration and partnership working –  exploring why it is that sometimes, that kind of joined-up working can work well across health and social care, but also critically trying to understand why sometimes it’s just so difficult to do and what needs to be done to try and make that work more effectively.

Right now we’ve got big research studies going on in that area, and we also undertake a range of development projects with colleagues out there in health and social care to help them to improve their practice in relation to integrated or coordinated care.”