Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)

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The Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) Network was established in 2007 and now has 18 adult centres and 11 paediatric locations across the UK.

Birmingham’s ECMC is embedded within BHP, delivered by our founding members the University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Birmingham, working with Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The Birmingham ECMC is supported by world class scientists, providing meaningful opportunities for collaborative engagement in the delivery of translational medicine in the research and treatment of cancer

The Birmingham ECMC aims to improve the feasibility and quality of research in the areas of immunotherapy and gene therapy, translational genetics and biomarkers.

This work is being conducted in many different types of cancer. The Centre has established bio-repositories, developed antibody-based assays and conducted various immunotherapy/gene therapy trials.

The aims of the Birmingham ECMC are to:

      • Develop novel cancer prevention strategies
      • Establish large disease-specific clinical networks to facilitate translational research programmes
      • Expand specialist early-phase trials portfolio in viral-associates cancer, cancer immunology, and gene therapy
      • Increase the number of patients entering early-phase trials both locally and through engagement of affiliated hospitals
Further reading

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