Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research (CPROR)

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Based at BHP founder member the University of Birmingham, the Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research (CPROR) is internationally recognised for its leading research into patient-reported outcomes (PROs). 

PROs provide a a systematic way of measuring patients’ views about their health and wellbeing, and these data have potential for many uses within the NHS: at an individual level they may inform patient choice regarding treatment; facilitate cooperation between healthcare teams to provide tailored individual care; and identify those most in need of intervention.

At a macro-level PRO data may be used: for audit and quality assurance; to provide long-term safety and effectiveness data for treatments; in pay-for-performance initiatives; in prognostic modelling; and to better inform health policy.

CPROR aims to promote the efficient integration of PROs in the NHS, by:

  • Building capacity for applied and methodological PROs research to evaluate PROs use in routine care and as part of ‘big data’
  • Supporting clinicians, trials units, ethics committees, funders, regulators and policy makers to ensure high quality, ethical, efficient PRO data collection
  • Providing education, training and support for optimal use and integration of PROs in clinical trials and routine care
  • Working in partnership with patients and the public, clinicians and policy makers to ensure PRO data collected in routine care and trials meets their needs
  • Building on existing international collaborations with clinicians, funding bodies, regulatory agencies, methodologists and industry