Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH)

Skull model

The Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH) is a collaboration between the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, and the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, both part of BHP founder member the University of Birmingham. 

An interdisciplinary brain research facility, the CHBH was established with a mission to understand what makes a brain healthy, how to maintain it, and how to prevent and reverse damage.

The CHBH is at the forefront of understanding how the brain binds together separate processes and allocates resources through the coordination of large-scale oscillatory activity, and in using these mechanisms to understand cognitive function.

The CHBH has a strong focus on combining different techniques to provide a more complete picture of human brain function – while several excellent techniques for studying the human brain exist, each has limitations and we are always constrained by the need for methods to be non-invasive.

Maintaining a healthy brain means understanding how individual lifestyles impact on the brain, and we are investigating the role of sleep, diet and exercise in particular in keeping the brain healthy across the lifespan from childhood to late adulthood. With access to a large and diverse local population, we are excellently placed to take these fundamental insights into the human brain and use them to provide a better understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders, including psychosis, ADHD, stroke and epilepsy.  

The centre's facilities include: