Centre for Custom Medical Devices

Custom medical implant

Bringing together multidisciplinary expertise, the Centre for Custom Medical Devices (CMD) was established to explore the full potential of additive manufacturing (3D metal printing) in the medical devices sector – creating a new generation of innovations that enhance patients’ quality of life.

We believe 3D metal printing is a healthcare revolution. It removes many of the limitations seen in more traditional healthcare manufacturing methods, and opens up the possibilities for innovations that are both structurally and medicinally customised to the patient.

CMD innovates at all stages of the medical device supply chain, from implant simulation and novel designs through to manufacturing prosthetics that overcome healthcare challenges.

Watch: Dr Sophie Cox talks healthcare technologies

“My research is focused on improving the outcomes of medical devices so that patients can live longer and healthier lives. 

“Some examples of how we’re doing that, is we’re using additive manufacturing – otherwise known as 3D printing – to tailor the implant, so it mechanically matches the patient’s tissue. 

“What that means is that the implant will better integrates with that person’s body, and therefore last for a longer period of time. 

“Another example is with infection – so for example what we’re doing is changing the surfaces of implants to prevent bacteria from adhering to them, and therefore improving outcomes for patients. 

“What we’re also doing is trying to prevent infections in the longer term by embedding new materials within the implant that release an antimicrobial over time. 

“So in summary, what my research is about is really making a difference to patients’ quality of life, but also working closely with clinicians within our NHS to help improve efficiencies for them – whether that be creating implants that will help to reduce surgery times, or whether it be creating technologies that will allow them to do those surgeries more accurately. 

“I also work very closely with industry and that for me is really exciting, bringing together clinicians, researchers and industry to really make a difference to our society.”

CMD aims to: