Advanced Therapies Facility


The purpose-built Advanced Therapies Facility (ATF) building opened in 2011, funded largely through the Advantage West Midlands Science City Translational Medicine Programme, with investment from University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Birmingham, and the MRC.

It comprises of three synergistic units with the prime objective of facilitating high quality translational research:

The Human Biomaterials Resource Centre is an ethically approved, HTA licensed human sample biorepository offering sample collection, processing, storage and analytical service, located on the ground floor of the ATF building. The Cell Therapy Suite is located on the first floor, and manufactures cell- and tissue-based therapies. The Microbiome Treatment Centre is dedicated to the production of Faecal Microbiota Transplants and is situated in a GMP compliant production laboratory external to the main ATF building.

Birmingham is home to a population of over one million, boasting a thriving population that is ethnically diverse and stable.

Our flagship Advanced Therapies Facility gives you access to this rich data, and a variety of patient samples.

We are an Innovate UK Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre, with pioneering researchers finding new ways for innovative cell therapies to reach patients. Our co-location with the NIHR Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility enables easy and safe administration of the therapies that we produce.

Our Cell Therapy Suite features two state-of-the-art cleanroom suites, together with a separate QC laboratory. Space is available for partners wishing to work with us, and manufacture their own cell therapies.

With our processing and analytical equipment, and dedicated staff, we can give researchers the opportunity to analyse samples and translate their research from basic studies and pre-clinical work to clinical trials.

Housed within close proximity, our Microbiome Treatment Centre is leading the production of refined microbiota, extracting gut microbiome under protective conditions from carefully-screened donor stool, through a complex and equipment-heavy laboratory process. We are the first facility in the UK licensed to produce faecal microbiota transplants, and are pioneering research into using faecal microbiota transplant as new treatment for patients across the UK.

These facilities are supported by the NIHR Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility, which provides high-quality clinical environments for experimental and complex research studies, and has recruited over 150,000 patients to more than 400 studies since its formation in 1999.

Complementing our cell manufacturing facilities, the Human Biomaterials Resource Centre stores approximately 300,000 samples. Our team handles around 5,700 samples per month, and we provide sample management services for academic and commercial clients, including  clinical trials.

Residing within a purpose-built, fully-equipped facility, the Human Biomaterials Resource Centre offers a gold-standard service that is trusted by donors and researchers alike.

All of our facilities culminate in a unique opportunity to finding innovative therapeutic solutions for the next generation

Human Biomaterials Resource Centre

Dr Gareth Bicknell
Operations Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)121 415 8894

Cell Therapy Suite

Dr Stuart Curbishley
Business and Project Development Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 9181

Microbiome Treatment Centre

Miss Sahida Shabir
MTC Manager
Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 4547