The Masters to Doctorate Bridging Programme consists of a commitment of 30 days over a nine month period. The next cohort will commence in November 2018.

The programme

Scheduled masterclasses and action learning sets including:

  • Developing a research question and proposal
  • Critical appraisal and literature review
  • Applying research methodology to a health care setting
  • Patient and public involvement and engagement in research
  • Ethics and research governance
  • Research funding and finance
  • Development needs analysis
  • Leadership self-assessment and leadership skills
  • Negotiation and influencing

Independent study time to complete programme outcomes with the support of their supervisor and supervisory team

Expected programme outcomes

  • A refined and feasible research question as part of a research proposal developed with a targeted funding stream in mind, in which potential methods are outlined
  • A literature review as first author supporting the research question formatted for submission to a nominated journal
  • Engagement with the wider research network (e.g. second author on a research paper)
  • Portfolio containing evidence of learning and experiences of the fellow while on the programme to include completed development needs analysis and plans for future development
  • List of research supervisory team and potential collaborators
  • The dissemination of programme work to their teams
  • Evidence of discussion of project with Research Design Service (RDS)
  • An application for doctoral study

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