The Post-Doctoral Fellowship consists of a commitment of 30 days over a nine month period. The next cohort will commence in the Summer 2018.

The programme

Approx. five scheduled face to face contact days including:

  • Preparing grant application
  • Designing programme of research
  • Getting team together and building relationships
  • Designing training programme with development needs analysis
  • Getting outputs completed
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership skills
  • Identification of alternative funding sources

Independent study time (approx. 25 flexible days) to:

  • Complete programme outcomes with the support of their mentorship team
  • Attend monthly meetings with programme team (face to face or virtual)
  • Undertake further training, external visits, as agreed

Expected programme outcomes

  • Complete outputs from doctorate (if not yet completed)
  • Design a programme of research
  • Build a postdoctoral clinical and academic mentorship team
  • Complete an application for HEE/NIHR ICA CL programme or equivalent
  • Complete grant applications
  • Complete publications and disseminate research
  • Obtain travel/placement experience with recognised experts unless already completed
  • Identify alternative sources of funding support