The post-doctoral clinical and academic mentorship team

The programme team will assist each Fellow to build a clinical and academic mentorship team (up to three mentors) who will support them for the duration of the fellowship. This relationship may continue after the programme.

A matching scheme approach will be taken to ensure each fellow is matched with the optimal mentors and will take account areas of interest as well as practical considerations. Mentors will be sought from across both the regional universities and trusts and if required outside of region.

Mentors will join the programme for both the induction period and final presentation day with a minimum time commitment agreed during the programme.

We offer a bursary of for each mentor which will be paid directly to their department/institution (there is £1000 for up to three mentors).

The mentorship team will:

  • Agree to meet the fellow at least once per month for one hour during the programme (this can be in person or telephone/virtual)
  • Support the fellow to evaluate their development and academic learning needs
  • Support the fellow to develop their network, including any travel/placement experience
  • Support the fellow to design their programme of research
  • Provide feedback to the fellow on any written work in a timely and constructive manner
  • Support the fellow to submit his or her application for HEE/NIHR ICA Clinical Lectureship or equivalent
  • Support the fellow with other programme outputs for example: applying for grants, alternative sources of funding and publications
  • Respond to fellow enquiries via email in a timely fashion, normally within 3-5 working days
  • To complete the progress review form at least monthly with the fellow and ensure the fellow emails this to the programme team
  • At the end of the programme, the mentor(s) will notify the programme team on the fellow’s progress and whether the mentor relationship will continue