The Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme consists of a commitment of 48 days over a twelve month period. The next cohort will commence in September/October 2020.

The programme

There will be a minimum of five scheduled face to face contact days including:

  • Preparing grant application
  • Designing programme of research
  • Building the team and establishing relationships and collaborations
  • Analysing development needs and designing an individualised training programme
  • Establishing consistent production of completed outputs
  • Succession planning and mentorship skills
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Identification of alternative funding sources
  • Disseminating, communicating and engaging with different audiences to increase impact

Independent study time (approx. 43 flexible days) to:

  • Complete programme outcomes with the support of their mentorship team
  • Attend monthly meetings with programme team (face to face or virtual)
  • Undertake further training, external visits, as agreed

You will be provided with an individual funding grant up to the value of £14,000 to support you during the programme. This funding can be used for salary support, training, conferences, external visits, publication costs, etc.

Expected programme outcomes

  • Complete a number of high quality high impact publications (from doctorate if not yet completed) and / or preliminary to proposed programme of work
  • Design a programme of research
  • Built a post-doctoral clinical and academic research support team
  • Complete an application for HEE/NIHR ICA CL programme or equivalent and / or grant application
  • Disseminate research at professional conferences and used other strategies (social media, policy briefing, public engagement) to maximise impact
  • Evidence of engagement with national and international network and potential and actual collaborators
  • Gained experience with recognised national and international experts in their field
  • Identify alternative sources of funding support
  • Establish mentorship relationship for self and provided mentorship to others (if appropriate)
  • Establish PPI network