West Midlands Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme

What does the programme offer?

This is a 48 day programme that takes place over 12 months.

The Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme is a new programme designed to bridge the gap between doctoral level study and applying for a Clinical Lectureship, enabling individuals with a doctorate to progress in their clinical academic career.

It is expected that post-doctoral fellows on this programme will complete a comprehensive self-assessment using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The programme is designed to prepare Fellows to meet the criteria against which Health Education England (HEE)/National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Lectureship applications are measured, or to apply for equivalent funding.

  • Development of a publication plan to include: completion of outstanding doctoral outputs (if not already completed) and other publications underpinning their proposed research programme
  • Design a programme of research
  • Build a post-doctoral clinical and academic research support team
  • Strengthen and extend research national and international networks and collaborations
  • Complete any necessary training and identify ongoing learning and development needs
  • Appraise mentorship needs and engagement with appropriate mentor(s) and developing skills to mentor others
  • Complete an application for HEE/NIHR ICA Clinical Lectureship programme or equivalent
  • Consolidating public / patient (PPI) networks to inform the proposed research programme
  • Refine extend skills associated with knowledge dissemination (including public understanding), influencing policy-makers, and knowledge implementation
  • The programme offers each Fellow an individual funding grant up to the value of £14,000 to support them through the programme – this can be used for salary support, training, conferences, external visits, publication costs, etc.


For further information about the Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme, please contact the clinical academic programmes team.

Tel: 0121 371 8162
Email: clinicalacademics@uhb.nhs.uk


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