Clinical Academic Careers Programmes

Applications are now open for 2021/2022

The Clinical Academic Programmes support the national agenda to increase the capability of non-medical professionals to contribute to the improvement of patient outcomes and innovations in healthcare.

Individuals undertaking these programmes will start to develop the skills and knowledge required to undertake their own clinical research and progress along the clinical academic career pathway.

The programmes are funded by Health Education England (HEE) in the West Midlands (HEE-WM) and are designed to link into the HEE/National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Integrated Clinical Academic (ICA) Programme for Non-medical Healthcare Professionals.

Birmingham Health Partners deliver three programmes:

Internship Programme (formerly the Clinical Academic Internship Programme – CAIP)
The internship provides individuals with an introduction to research, enabling them to explore their own area of interest. It will prepare individuals to apply for the Pre-Doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (HEE/NIHR – see links below), a Masters in Research, or help them to identify the next step in their career development.

Pre-Doctoral Bridging Programme (formerly the Masters to Doctorate Bridging Programme – MDBP)
The Pre-Doctoral Bridging Programme is designed to bridge the gap for individuals with Masters-level or equivalent qualification who aspire to undertake doctoral level study and progress along the clinical academic career pathway.

Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme
The Post-Doctoral Bridging Programme is a new programme designed to bridge the gap between doctoral level study and applying for a Clinical Lectureship, enabling individuals with a doctorate to progress in their clinical academic career.

Please email for the relevant application form.

Please refer to the following links for further information:

New – read the latest evaluation report covering the CAIP and MDBP courses, featuring participant feedback and analysis. Download the PDF – West Mids Clinical Academic Careers Programmes Evaluation Report Oct 2018

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