COVID-19 research briefing 20/03/20

Researchers across BHP are collaborating to produce regular COVID-19 briefings based on the latest literature, in support of clinical colleagues.

Led by Kylie Belchamber with colleagues from UHB and UoB (in particular the Birmingham Acute Care Research Group), these updates will be produced on around a weekly basis.

Research Update – 20th March 2020

The latest viral biology suggests the following survival rates for #coronavirus on various surfaces:

Splashing sweat symbol 3 hours as droplets
Package 20 hours on cardboard
Lotion bottle 72 hours on plastic/stainless steel

Nose Nasopharangeal swabs have a diagnosis accuracy rate of 75% – if the test returns negative but #COVID19 is still suspected, re-testing 2-3 days later is recommended.

Microbe Progression of COVID-19 in days 1-5 is mild. Deterioration tends to occur between days 4-9 onwards.

Therapy observations are as follows:

Lopinavir/ritonavir/ribavirin triple therapy is ongoing – no benefit was seen in 16 #COVID19 patients New chloroquine data is expected soon but to date the effect has been positive in vitro yet negative in mice.

Steroids have not shown any proven benefit to date.

Tocilizumab is showing potential with a positive effect in 21 patients, further work is needed.

Siltuximab investigation is ongoing with data due at the end of March.
Raised levels of both CRP and ferritin have been observed in a subset of COVID-19 patients exhibiting cytokine storm. These #coronavirus patients also showed features of bacterial sepsis and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
See also: 25th March briefing.