COVID-19 research briefing 25/03/20

Researchers from across BHP are collaborating to analyse and summarise the latest COVID-19 literature to help inform clinical colleagues. Research update – 25th March 2020 Incubation period: 95% of patients see initial symptoms 4-6 days after infection 97.5% display all symptoms between 7-14 days Of those hospitalised, this occurred 6-12 days after infection. The evidence … Continue reading “COVID-19 research briefing 25/03/20”

The development of more accurate antibody tests for SARS-CoV-2 is crucial and urgent

Expert comment on COVID-19 by¬†David Wraith, Professor of Immunology and Director of the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy: As pointed out by Mark Walport, Chief Exec of UKRI, the critical tools that we need to provide long-term control of the coronavirus (COVID19) infection are first an effective vaccine and second, a test to define the … Continue reading “The development of more accurate antibody tests for SARS-CoV-2 is crucial and urgent”

COVID-19 research briefing 20/03/20

Researchers across BHP are collaborating to produce regular COVID-19 briefings based on the latest literature, in support of clinical colleagues. Led by Kylie Belchamber with colleagues from UHB and UoB (in particular the Birmingham Acute Care Research Group), these updates will be produced on around a weekly basis. Research Update – 20th March 2020 The … Continue reading “COVID-19 research briefing 20/03/20”

Shutting the door on COVID-19

By Professor Jason Mercer –¬†Institute of Microbiology and Infection The path is clear: a proportion of the UK population will be infected by COVID-19. Echoing China and Italy, the vast majority of people infected will present with no or mild symptoms and recover quickly. Others, largely people over 60 years of age or those harboring … Continue reading “Shutting the door on COVID-19”

Rare Disease Day 2020

Rare Diseases Day 2020 was marked with an awareness stand in the QEHB atrium, highlighting the rare diseases work being done across University Hospitals Birmingham and BHP. UHB has a specialist Centre for Rare Diseases, based within the Institute of Translational Medicine in the Heritage building. The Centre provides a one-stop clinic for rare disease … Continue reading “Rare Disease Day 2020”