How do scientists work from home?

How do you ‘work from home’ when you’re usually based in the laboratory? Maria Sharif, PhD student at the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, gives an insight into switching from the lab to the kitchen table… Hello everyone! My name is Maria Sharif and I am a PhD student in a lab of Professor Ben Willcox in … Continue reading “How do scientists work from home?”

COVID-19 research briefing 02/04/20 – paediatrics

Researchers from across BHP are collaborating to analyse and summarise the latest COVID-19 literature to help inform clinical colleagues. Today’s update focuses on paediatric cases of the disease worldwide – including pregnant women and newborns. Research update – 2nd April 2020 Global incidences Of the total number of cases in each country, only a small … Continue reading “COVID-19 research briefing 02/04/20 – paediatrics”

We must prepare now to sustainably deliver a future COVID-19 vaccine

Professor Pawanexh Kohli of UoB writes for Birmingham Research Perspectives. “We can wish for the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccine and hope it immunises people against this virus for life. Most importantly, we must plan an efficient delivery mechanism to ensure that the vaccine will be provided to everyone on Planet Earth.” Pawanexh Kohli, … Continue reading “We must prepare now to sustainably deliver a future COVID-19 vaccine”

COVID-19: risk factors for severe disease and death

This article was written for The BMJ by BHP’s Rachel E Jordan (Reader in Epidemiology and Primary Care), Peymané Adab (Professor of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Public Health)  and KK Cheng (Professor of Public Health and Primary Care. It can be accessed in full via the BMJ website.  A long list is emerging from largely … Continue reading “COVID-19: risk factors for severe disease and death”

BHP mobilised in the fight against COVID-19

BHP – the long-standing alliance between the University of Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s – is pulling together on several fronts to fight the spread of COVID-19. Professor David Adams, Director of BHP, explained: “In these unprecedented times, the Birmingham Health Partners alliance has allowed us to adapt and work in … Continue reading “BHP mobilised in the fight against COVID-19”