The BHP Fellowship – Karl’s story

Mr Karl Payne, Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, undertook a Birmingham Health Partners Starter Fellowship in 2018 – 2019 and is currently a Cancer Research UK Clinical PhD Fellow and Royal College of Surgeons Clinical Research Fellow at University of Birmingham.  We asked Karl about his experience of the BHP Fellowship. What attracted … Continue reading “The BHP Fellowship – Karl’s story”

September news round-up

As September was such a busy and successful month across Birmingham Health Partners, we’re bringing you a round-up of the month’s top stories. The power of understanding the patient: Health minister visits Birmingham Health Partners Thursday 26 September saw Baroness Blackwood, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Innovation at the Department of Health and Social … Continue reading “September news round-up”

What if the scale of the problem provides the solution?

Professor Alastair Denniston, INSIGHT Health Data Research Hub Lead, writes for HDR-UK on the scale of the UK’s eye health problem – and how the INSIGHT hub will tackle it: The eye is unique. Stunningly beautiful, and fascinatingly complex, it has two critical functions for our health and well-being. Firstly, it allows us to see … Continue reading “What if the scale of the problem provides the solution?”

Introducing INSIGHT – Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health

INSIGHT is focused on eye disease and its application to wider health, including diabetes and dementia. It will use anonymised large-scale data and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to develop new insights in disease detection, diagnosis, treatments and personalised healthcare. There is an increasing demand for ‘big data’ to enable innovation in health technologies and … Continue reading “Introducing INSIGHT – Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health”

Introducing PIONEER – Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care

By integrating information about how acutely unwell people access and use health services – such as from community health, the ambulance service and hospitals, PIONEER will allow innovative healthcare companies to develop, test and deliver advances in clinical care. Acute care is a catastrophic NHS burden, complex in scope but rich in innovation opportunities. Each … Continue reading “Introducing PIONEER – Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care”