Birmingham Life Sciences Park

We are transforming the health and economy of the West Midlands by putting patient need at the heart of our world-class healthcare data and translational research infrastructure to accelerate the development and adoption of data-enabled precision medicine and healthcare innovations.

Dr Steve Taylor, Director of Strategy & Operations – Birmingham Life Sciences Park

Birmingham Life Sciences Park (BLSP), due to open in 2022, will harness world-leading academic and clinical strengths while bringing new commercial power to the region to accelerate life sciences research, taking innovative new healthcare treatments and technologies from early development to real life application. 

The park will provide cutting-edge innovation facilities, building on our nationally recognised strengths in healthcare data, genomics medicine and diagnostics, medical technologies and clinical trials.

Our unique concentration of prestigious education, research and clinical institutions makes Birmingham one of the few global cities truly equipped to deliver co-located, integrated health & life sciences expertise. And, with an open and inclusive culture, we will create an environment where businesses will thrive.

It will build on BHP’s integrated clinical-academic vision to deliver research that matters, making BLSP an exciting proposition as part of the evolution of life sciences in not only Birmingham but the wider region and UK.

The Park will provide a rare opportunity to expand the BHP offer to businesses. It will create innovation, collaboration and co-location spaces for businesses of all sizes – and at all stages in their development.

Through the Park, busineses will have the opportunity to work in partnership with our outstanding researchers, clinicians and policy makers, as well as our large and diverse patient population. As a result, scientific and clinical insights and industry innovation will be rapidly translated into patient benefit and economic growth.

BLSP will be the entry point for businesses to access the BHP ecosystem, and the easiest place in the UK to accelerate new innovation into the clinic

BLSP is set to drive:

  • Rapid co-development, evaluation and translation of new, data-enabled therapeutics and medical technologies
  • Closer engagement between industry, clinicians and academics – delivering new research and commercialisation opportunities
  • High-value job creation and inward investment
  • Patient benefit, through early access to these healthcare innovations
  • New care pathways for the NHS, in the city and beyond
  • Sustained local economic growth

Discover more about BHP’s approach to working with industry partners – or, expand the sections below for further details on our plans for the park.

Latest update Summer 2019 – download our BLSP project update

Precision Health Technologies Accelerator

This signature facility will be the focal point of the Park, providing up to 18,000sqm  of innovation, co-creation and incubation space.

Underpinned by a connected healthcare data infrastructure with new molecular diagnostic laboratories and technology platforms, the facility will enable stratification of patients and their treatments to drive  health innovation and the development of new technologies. It will provide seamless access to:

  • Integrated healthcare data
  • Medical technologies development and evaluation
  • BHP Precision Diagnostics molecular diagnostic platform
  • Novel clinical trials design and delivery

This flagship accelerator site for data-enabled healthcare will build on the four complementary anchor capabilities of BHP.

Data: connecting the patient context

Delivering safe and secure access to integrated, curated, real-world healthcare data from across and beyond our region, enabling a detailed understanding at patient and population level.

Diagnostics: understanding the disease

Bringing together leading regional genomics and immunodiagnostic research and services to deliver precision medicine, validation of new therapies and development of sophisticated diagnostics.

Healthcare technologies: developing the solutions

Rapidly develop, test and adopt new technologies, providing facilities and expertise to undertake early stage research, product development and validation, through to prototype manufacture and pre-clinical and clinical evaluation.

Clinical trials & implementation: deploying real-world innovation

Recognised leadership in novel clinical trials design and delivery together with leading expertise in patient reported outcomes measures to help partners deliver accelerated trials and demonstrate value.

And, by putting the patient at the heart of all our activity, we will focus on the innovations that address prevalent health burdens in our region’s population – with the ultimate aim of scaling these solutions to the rest of the UK and potentially wider world.

For more details on the Precision Health Technologies Accelerator, download our Residents & Collaborators Brochure 2019 or contact us using the details below.

About the development
Why is the park being developed?

Increasingly, the use of data and new technologies is enabling patient stratification and improved targeting of healthcare interventions, in turn allowing innovations from across sectors to be applied to the patient. With both new entrants and established health and life sciences firms seeking novel approaches, the need to de-risk innovations – in diagnostics, software, devices or new therapies – through testing and evaluation in a relevant real-world environment is critical if we are to successfully commercialise and adopt new technologies.

Providing a bespoke physical home for collaborative research and data-enabled healthcare innovation, the park will also create the open and inclusive culture, infrastructure and environment needed to deliver key elements of the Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy. This includes the mission to ‘transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia by 2030’.

The park is set to attract innovative businesses to the region, and will support them to create meaningful employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth to benefit both patients and the wider community.

It will also create the grow-on space for the businesses currently incubating in The BioHub Birmingham.

Will there be space on the Birmingham Life Sciences Park for companies to locate?

Yes – our first Phase building, the Precision Health Technologies Accelerator (see above), is set to provide up to 18,000sqm (190,000sqft) of innovation, co-creation and incubation space.

Then, Phase 2 of the development has the potential for up to 36,000sqm (380,000sqft) of lettable commercial space for innovative health and life sciences businesses seeking to co-locate and work closely with BHP. This will comprise high-quality lab and office space for new start-ups, alongside grow-on space for businesses either currently incubating at our existing BioHub, Institute of Translational Medicine, or elsewhere. The potential for flexible design will also enable businesses to configure their own space as they scale up.

There is also the option of developing pre-lets for established businesses seeking to relocate or co-locate teams at the heart of the BHP ecosystem.

And if you are concerned about there not being enough space for your business growth in the future, we can link you to a number of nearby developments in Birmingham that can offer additional space, ensuring that your business remains connected to the ecosystem once here.

For further information, download our brochure.

What other facilities will there be for businesses?

As well as lab and office spaces, the park will provide communal and training spaces to foster a vibrant and collaborative community. This is expected to include café and breakout areas, a co-creation ‘makerspace’, plus dedicated spaces for events, meetings and specialist training.

We are part of an entrepreneurial culture, with an existing infrastructure of technical leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will support our resident businesses to grow. We will also provide a full range of business development support, including access to clinicians, IP protection and regulatory support

What are the timelines for the development?

It is anticipated that phased construction will start on site in early 2020. Other opportunities are available in the meantime; we are currently developing partnerships and activities in areas such as the design and delivery of clinical trials and genomics sciences. Please contact us using the details below if you would like to find out more about these activities and partnering with us.

Can I invest in BLSP?

There are still opportunities for partners wishing to invest in the development of the park and we are happy to discuss these with interested parties. Please contact us for more information.

What is the BHP Precision Diagnostics Platform?

The new BHP Precision Diagnostics Platform will be integral to development within the Precision Health Technologies Accelerator, building on existing strengths across BHP and co-locating both University and NHS capability. This will include sample collection, molecular pathology, metabolomics, immune phenotyping and the largest NHSE Genomics Laboratory Hub in the UK. It is set to become an integrated multi-‘omics platform for precision medicine, enabling the development of new diagnostic tests by enhancing our understanding of disease, validating tests, and accelerating adoption into the clinic.

How will patients be involved?

Everything Birmingham Health Partners stands for is centred on the patient: their accurate diagnosis, personalised care, and long-term wellbeing. The patient’s outcome is always at the heart of the work we undertake – and many projects have been directly inspired by our patients’ experiences.

The park will extend this ground-breaking development of new products and services, giving patients earlier access to medical innovations such as diagnostics, devices and drugs.

While patients will not be treated on the park, they are always a valuable part of our research processes. You can find out more about our approach on our Patient and Public Involvement page.

We will also bring our knowledge and experience in patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to demonstrate the value of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and other medical technology innovations. Optimising the use of PROs will enable businesses working with us to improve service delivery, enhance patient care and outcomes, and ensure that the patient perspective is at the heart of health research.

Contact the team

BLSP Project Office
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Dr Steve Taylor
Director of Strategy & Operations
Birmingham Life Sciences Park

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