Roadmap for Growth: Bringing BioForward to Birmingham

BioForward – aimed at helping developing life sciences companies to achieve sustainable business growth – is about imparting the knowledge, skills, connectivity, and support necessary to maximise their chances of success, from development phases to market and beyond. Having supported and guided our own BHP researchers and other industry partners through exactly these processes, we feel we have a unique viewpoint to add to the conversation – as well as providing a portal for businesses to create the right connections with academia and clinicians.

What is Birmingham Health Partners?

BHP transcends organisational boundaries to rapidly translate healthcare research findings into new diagnostics, drugs and devices for patients.

It is a strategic alliance between the University of Birmingham and two NHS Foundation Trusts – Birmingham Women’s & Children’s, and University Hospitals Birmingham – where members collaborate to bring healthcare innovations through to clinical application.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham is the place for healthcare innovation: discovery and development is already happening across the region through the collaborative BHP ecosystem.

Multidisciplinary research programmes that span bioengineering, physical, computing, social and life sciences are informed by insights drawn from clinic – and this machinery of discovery enables the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Healthcare research conducted here – and the commercial innovations which result – is inherently applicable to global populations thanks to our diverse yet stable population.

How can we help?

Academic and clinical collaboration in Birmingham is long-established and brings together a unique concentration of prestigious centres and institutes. By enabling integrated, multi-disciplinary working, BHP helps bring about answers to complex healthcare issues for the direct benefit of people worldwide, and to create sustainable business growth for the makers behind new diagnostics, drugs and devices. For example:

  • The entrepreneur behind a new point-of-care diagnostic tool might turn to MD-TEC – the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre – to test and evaluate the usability of their device through collaboration with practising medical professionals
  • The developer of a potential cancer drug could receive support in clinical trial design and patient and public involvement from the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit – established more than 30 years ago and with more than 600 trials completed to date
  • A biomedical start-up may take up residence in the BioHub, a full-service research laboratory offering shared-use equipment (including centrifuges, spectrophotometers, ultrasonic baths and flow cytometers) alongside office space and access to business support

That’s just a snapshot of the support BHP can offer to entrepreneurs and start-ups. Discover more about our research facilities – including the Institute of Translational Medicine – or Industry Partnerships by exploring our website.

Or, to get in touch with our team directly, email (pop ‘BioForward’ into the subject line) or call 0121 414 4002.

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