BHP supports advanced therapy blockchain test

Cell therapy image

The world’s first blockchain solution for advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs) which tracks advanced therapies from vein-to-vein, has been successfully trialled at BHP founder-member University Hospitals Birmingham, as part of the Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC).

ATMPs, which can be cell or gene therapies, show great potential in treating patients with conditions that cannot be cured with current treatments. These include arthritis, liver disease, several types of cancer, and diabetic ulcers.

The new blockchain ecosystem – Haatali – has been developed by ATMPS Ltd and is a pioneering cell orchestration platform which is interoperable with any other stakeholder interface.  The MW-ATTC project, led by UHB, confirmed its Haatali’s interoperability and will form an effective example for the advanced therapy community tracking system to be rolled out on a national scale.

Professo Phil Newsome, Director of Midlands and Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre, University of Birmingham, commented: “We have been developing a prototype IT system that can record scheduling and ordering data for ATMP treatments. The system offers a number of integration points (APIs) to any Cell Orchestration Platform such that the platform can communicate the relevant data to the prototype NHS IT system. We have been delighted to have ATMPS as a blockchain partner working collaboratively with our NHS Health Informatics team, to successfully test all those integration points. This is strong proof of concept showing that Hataali blockchain platform can successfully integrate with an NHS system using standards based integration points.”

Impressively, the integration testing took place during the COVID-19 pandemic and the technical team at UHB were able to work with the ATMPS team under extreme pressurised circumstances. “What’s most impressive about this partnership is that we’ve been able to work together to implement this prototype platform at a time where COVID-19 is putting immense pressure on IT resources,” said John Attwood, Health Informatics Programme Manager at UHB.

Raja Sharif, CEO of ATMPS Ltd, explained: “It’s a big moment for the ATMP space, as this is now the first network created anywhere in the world based on a blockchain technology.  We hope it’s the inflection point where, with many more of these therapies coming to market imminently, that we start to take a long-term view on the most appropriate technologies. Our system will provide a full chain of custody, identity and condition which is so critical to ATMPs.”

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