Abingdon Health launches app to transform a smartphones into rapid analytical tools

Infographic instructions. Step 1 - download the app. Step 2 - run the assay. Step 3 - read the assay. Step 4 - sync between the cloud, server, devices and stakeholders.

Abingdon Health, a resident at BioHub Birmingham® at the heart of the BHP campus,  has launched an intuitive software application called AppDx. The app enables a smartphone to ‘read’ lateral flow test lines, using the inbuilt camera, which translates the image into numerical data.

The app allows rapid analytical testing from any location, meeting the increasing demand to receive real-time data from any location.

Abingdon Health is a rapid diagnostics company that specialises in lateral flow technologies, which detect the presence or absence of a target molecule without the need for specialised or costly equipment.

The company does early stage R&D at the BioHub Birmingham®, where it developed the intuitive software, which is suitable for both Apple and Android phones removing the need for separate development for different mobile technologies.

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, commented:  “We have developed AppDx to be entirely customisable by the end user, dependent on their assay requirements. The flexibility of using smartphone technology allows the transfer of real-time data and testing in any location.”

Abingdon Health is one of 10 tenants at the BioHub, which is constructing an additional 5,000sq ft of self-contained laboratory and office suites to meet an increasing demand for biomedical incubator space.