Investigational drug fosters nerve repair after injury

Scientists from BHP founder-members the University of Birmingham have shown that a brain-penetrating candidate drug currently in development as a cancer therapy can foster regeneration of damaged nerves after spinal trauma. The research, published today in Clinical and Translational Medicine, used cell and animal models to demonstrate that when taken orally the candidate drug, known as AZD1390, can … Continue reading “Investigational drug fosters nerve repair after injury”

What if we could heal our bodies by remote control?

The future of medical treatment could include using stem cells that are injected into the body, steered to a specific location, and then remotely activated. Once adopted into the clinic, the technique could enable new treatments for broken bones, or diseases such as Parkinson’s or osteoarthritis – or even to stimulate the body’s immune response … Continue reading “What if we could heal our bodies by remote control?”

Highlighting healthcare innovation in the West Midlands

Representatives from NHS England and NHS Improvement attended a two-day event, hosted by BHP member the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), at iCentrum Birmingham Innovation Campus, on 27 and 28 June. The aim of the event was to showcase how the WMAHSN is transforming health and social care through innovation – supporting health … Continue reading “Highlighting healthcare innovation in the West Midlands”