Which cancer patients are most vulnerable to COVID-19?

A newly-published study led by the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham has found that, compared to other cancers, patients with blood cancers are more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. As access to treatment remains of upmost importance, this information will help clinicians ensure patients can have therapy safely and successfully during this … Continue reading “Which cancer patients are most vulnerable to COVID-19?”

COVID19 home-testing kits misled customers

Home-testing kits sold online in the UK and US in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic were provided with incomplete and in some cases, misleading information on how accurate they were. Testing has been regarded as critical to managing the pandemic, the two main tests being molecular virus tests (to detect current infection) and antibody … Continue reading “COVID19 home-testing kits misled customers”

Inside the COVID-19 lab: growing the virus

Dr Zania Stamataki, Viral Immunologist and Senior Lecturer in Liver Immunology at BHP founder-member the University of Birmingham, shows us what coronavirus looks like under the microscope and what laboratory research can do help aid understanding of COVID-19. https://youtu.be/DYp1h_DNXmE Video transcript Hello and welcome to my lab. My name is Zania Stamataki and I work … Continue reading “Inside the COVID-19 lab: growing the virus”

Treating age-related multimorbidity: the drug discovery challenge

Through our collaborative agreement with the Association for the British Pharmaceutical Industry, we are committed to taking a new pharmaceutical approach to multimorbidity – where an individual has several chronic health conditions simultaneously. In this blog from UK SPINE, researchers from the Universities of Birmingham and Dundee discuss how targeting specific ageing processes with novel … Continue reading “Treating age-related multimorbidity: the drug discovery challenge”

COVID-19 – six months on

Six months on from the UK’s first confirmed COVID-19 case, infectious disease specialist Professor Alan McNally explains what we now know about coronavirus, what remains to be learnt, and what we must do to avoid both a winter spike and to contain future outbreaks.  Video transcript My name is Professor Alan McNally, I’m a Professor … Continue reading “COVID-19 – six months on”