COVID-19 briefing 16/06/20 – paediatric update

As an update to our previous analysis of paediatric coronavirus statistics on 2nd April, our researchers have produced a new briefing to summarise the risk and severity of COVID-19 in children, symptoms, comorbidities, and how the virus affects pregnant women and newborns.  It can be downloaded as follows: Paediatric statistics infographic pdf Paediatrics update text … Continue reading “COVID-19 briefing 16/06/20 – paediatric update”

COVID-19 briefing 15/06/20 – a guide to viral biology

Researchers from across BHP are collaborating to analyse and summarise the latest COVID-19 literature to help inform clinical colleagues, and today’s update is a thorough analysis of the latest understanding of the viral biology – including genetics, infection pathway, viral loads and serology. The infographic can be downloaded as follows: Viral biology infographic pdf Viral … Continue reading “COVID-19 briefing 15/06/20 – a guide to viral biology”

Local manufacturers to produce PPE for Birmingham hospitals

A working group, led by BHP founder member University Hospitals Birmingham – comprising West Midlands based manufacturers – has been put together to produce and supply PPE to NHS trusts in the region. The Birmingham Hospitals Alliance (BHA) looks after UHB, fellow BHP member Birmingham Women’s and Children’s, and also the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Together, … Continue reading “Local manufacturers to produce PPE for Birmingham hospitals”

How to safely wear a facemask

In the current lockdown, social distancing is of prime importance. But when shopping at supermarkets or when essential workers travel to work in public transport, mask wearing would be useful in reducing the risk for everyone. As we consider the strategy of exit from lockdown, mass masking could be an important public health measure that … Continue reading “How to safely wear a facemask”

China: high levels of PPE prevented COVID-19 transmission in healthcare workers

High levels of personal protective equipment worn by frontline healthcare workers in China treating COVID-19 patients prevented the transmission of the infection, a new international study has found. The study, which brings together experts from BHP founder-member the University of Birmingham and Sun Yat-sen University and Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China, evaluated a cohort of … Continue reading “China: high levels of PPE prevented COVID-19 transmission in healthcare workers”