New academic business engagement lead for BHP

After joining the Institute of Clinical Sciences at our founder-member the University of Birmingham over the summer, Dr Giovanni Bottegoni has been appointed to the post of Academic Lead for Business Engagement. Giovanni brings a wealth of industry experience with him, having worked in start-ups and in the pharmaceuticals sector with a range of companies. … Continue reading “New academic business engagement lead for BHP”

Connecting the Midlands medtech sector

    Here in the Midlands, we know the value of medtech – £1.6bn to be exact. We also know this is just the beginning, and that not only is further growth possible, it’s highly likely given the wealth of expertise in our region.  But we know there are barriers too. Extensive discussions with more than … Continue reading “Connecting the Midlands medtech sector”

Beating the antibiotic resistance crisis

Tackling the global challenge of infectious diseases for the benefit of society Video transcript: If the numbers of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections keep on increasing, and there are no new treatments, the huge medical advances that we’ve seen in the last 25 years just will not be able to continue.  In the short term, … Continue reading “Beating the antibiotic resistance crisis”

Postdoc fellow appointed to tackle antibiotic resistance

Dr Enea Sancho-Vaello was recently  appointed as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Dr Jessica Blair,  Institute of Microbiology and Infection. To mark World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019, Enea talked us through her background and aspirations for the future of antibiotic resistance research. What’s your background? I consider myself to be a … Continue reading “Postdoc fellow appointed to tackle antibiotic resistance”

Birmingham professor receives J Moulton Award from BMA

Professor Nicholas Barnes FBPhS of the School of Pharmacy has been awarded the J Moulton Award from the British Medical Association Foundation for Medical Research at the Awards Ceremony held at BMA House, Tavistock Sq, London. The award was presented by the BMA President’s, Professor Raanan Gillon, and Dame Esther Rantzen. The J Moulton Award was … Continue reading “Birmingham professor receives J Moulton Award from BMA”