The BHP Fellowship – Anna’s story

Dr Anna Price, ST3 in Renal Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, undertook a Birmingham Health Partners Starter Fellowship in 2015-2016 and is currently undertaking a PhD at University of Birmingham. We spoke to Anna about her thoughts on her fellowship experience. What attracted you to apply for the BHP fellowship? During my undergraduate intercalation I became involved in cardio renal research. I thoroughly enjoyed it and knew from that point on I wanted … Continue reading “The BHP Fellowship – Anna’s story”

BioHub Birmingham® develops new incubator space to meet increasing demand for biomedical facilities

BioHub Birmingham® is constructing 5,000sq ft of self-contained laboratory and office suites at the heart of the BHP campus, in response to increasing demand for biomedical incubator space. The BioHub opened in 2015 and its shared facilities on the ground floor are now operating at capacity. Managed by University of Birmingham Enterprise, it is located at the Birmingham Research Park, which provides incubation services and facilities as well as commercial office space for biomedical and … Continue reading “BioHub Birmingham® develops new incubator space to meet increasing demand for biomedical facilities”

Lymph node structural cells rein in human immune responses

Until now, the study of the immune system has focused almost exclusively on white blood cells, and T cells in particular, as the body’s major infection fighters. New research led by the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute in Australia and BHP founder member the University of Birmingham has now veered away from traditional immunology by turning the spotlight on the structural cells that build and support the immune-rich environment of lymph nodes. Published in the open … Continue reading “Lymph node structural cells rein in human immune responses”

Centre for Custom Medical Devices will create a new generation of 3D healthcare innovations

3D metal printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a healthcare revolution. Founded in the 1980s, this technology is not only driven by speed and lower cost, it is transforming and enriching patients’ lives. It removes many of the limitations seen in more traditional healthcare manufacturing methods, and opens up the possibilities for innovations that are both structurally and medicinally customised to the patient. Transforming technology and improving patient care is at the heart of … Continue reading “Centre for Custom Medical Devices will create a new generation of 3D healthcare innovations”

Roadmap for Growth: Bringing BioForward to Birmingham

BHP Managing Director Dr John Williams on why Birmingham is the ideal host for an event aimed at growing new life sciences businesses “A bottleneck to the establishment of new collaborations is the limited ability to support early interactions and knowledge exchange between industry and academic researchers.” – So read the introduction to the Medical Research Council’s Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund 2017. It was an intriguing prospect for funding, aimed at increasing the … Continue reading “Roadmap for Growth: Bringing BioForward to Birmingham”